Confession: I have zero coping skills

You know what would have been nice? If someone had pulled me aside at age 15 and said, “Hey you little shit, listen up. Stop all the senseless noise in your head—like where you're going to college and what you're going to do with your life—and just focus on one thing and one thing only: LEARN HOW TO COPE.”

If little shit had heard this, she probably wouldn't have listened because she knew everything, but who knows? If she had listened, the other things would have fallen into place organically. Because our ability to cope enables us to naturally thrive. I truly believe this.

As a mom, I’m definitely going to stress this with my son. I’m not going to call him “little shit,” but you get the picture.

I am officially pushing 40, which is hilarious because I’m still very much an emotional teenager. I know I give some really great advice, am pretty darn articulate and wow, look at how I can throw in a semicolon >> ; but when it comes to me, it’s often train wreck city. Except for at work. I can do work.

Yes, life looks freaking awesome on Facebook, but you guys... THESE ARE JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS! I swear to god they're just highlights! So please, please don't think your life is better or worse than anyone's based on their #DateNight #SundayFunday pics. Like most people, I’m also struggling with serious issues that I may or may not share one day; and a huge part of my struggle lies in my inability to cope. (Catch that last semicolon?)

When I feel overwhelmed with sadness, loneliness or even awkwardness, I reach for the easy button: medication, a glass of wine or a cardigan at And please know: it’s not lost on me how very I am lucky that I only must push the easy button, versus a knock-down slam down. This "control" has enabled me to avoid consequences. But that’s not good enough anymore.

Because did I mention that I was pushing 40?

 Photo credit: Kate harrison

Photo credit: Kate harrison