Regroup on redefining success

One time at a wedding, a lady ranted to me about the seven long, arduous years she’s been working on her book. I remember thinking to myself:

  1. That won’t be me
  2. I don’t ever want to talk to another writer again
  3. Screw the host for thinking that seating the two, single writers together was a good idea

First of all, that is me. It’s been seven years for me too, and still no book deal.

Secondly, not talking with other writers is something I regret. Initially I thought it was smart so I wouldn't be discouraged (wedding lady’s rant); I also feared other writers would be competitive with me. Because of that figure skating thing I used to do, I don’t want to compete, don’t like to compete and am afraid of competition.

However, over the past few months, I started to connect with some amazing writers and editors through Kveller. No, Kveller is not my blog (would be cool): it’s a legit online magazine that compensates its writers for their contributions, me included—yippee!

Connecting with the Kveller writers has inspired me. Working with them and writing with them gives me a sense of community, and makes me feel fulfilled. It’s awesome to get feedback and kudos from other writers, and it’s helpful to exchange ideas, from topics to write about to avoiding nicely-wrapped-up, perfectly constructed endings.

Sarah (editor) has also helped me tap into another voice; a more casual, conversational one. Working in marketing, I always look for the most concise way to relay a message, but I now realize that this made me rigid in my own writing. So, I’m trying to embrace a little fluff.

What’s the point of this blog post? Not sure. But it feels like I’ve identified another success-pyramid.

Awww, sh*t. that’s a nicely-wrapped-up ending, isn’t it?

(Stay tuned for my next blog post about being the most awkward runner in the world!)