A fashion blog?

I don't know if it's okay to write about fashion anymore. Am I just contributing to the normalization of the utterly abnormal? Or, does life, pop culture and fun nonsense still have to go on in some way?

(This isn't a rhetorical question)

The other day, I reread Susan Sontag's Note's on "Camp," which made me think that writing about fashion is still okay.

Based on "Notes," fashion " underlies and gives rise to a certain taste;" it's a quick-hit vehicle through which culture is displayed. This is important because "taste" indicates mindset, which indicates behavior, which determines action.

Fashion is also representative of societal tendencies; the most obvious being, conformity.

I can tell you without a fake eyelash blink that the unanimous staples of the current "taste," according to 99.9% of upper class, white fashion bloggers are:

  • Booties
  • David Yurman bangles
  • Ripped jeans
  • Flat iron curls
  • Skinny everything

There are no trend deviations, unless you have a penchant for emo, grunge or the fat acceptance movement. And the lack of deviations receives affirmation in the form of likes, follows, regrams and affiliate network associations.

So what?

Well, conformity is very attractive, and right now this doesn't sit well with me.

We have Ivanka Fucking Trump creating visions of Camelot inside the White House. She's a fashion and lifestyle icon, who has 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

Her influencing ability means a lot for fashion forward women, and even more for "Women Who Work."

Ivanka promotes a distorted brand of feminism wrapped up in social media-perfect imagery with a big fat bow of entitlement on top.

Side note: I read her book, "The Trump Card," and she honestly believes her success is solely rooted in her hard work and discipline. Even without Sugar Vladdy, she'd still be where she is. Bahaha!

Look, if she weren't the First Daughter, I wouldn't give a flying F. But she is, and and this makes her the poster girl for the American wife and mother. And this sucks for the rest of us working women who don't look like this.

But back to point.

In an time when the "certain taste" is defined by conformity and perverted ideals, fashion bloggers have a responsibility to write mindfully.

I'm not sure what this means, but I think it means this: we can blog about lip gloss and faux fur, but we also have to tell other stories.

So I guess, this is what I'm going to try to do.