Super simple skin care

Of course I'm a sucker for gimmicks and pretty packaging, but I'm also a sucker for results. And the truth is, you don't need to pay a lot of money for great skin care; just pay attention to the ingredients and the reviews on beautypedia. Even though I am not a scientist (I can't even balance a chemical equation), here are a few things I pay attention to when shopping for skin care products:

Oils Avoid essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, rose, lemon peels, etc. Emollient oils are good, like coconut, jojoba oil, almond and argan.

Alchohol Avoid SD alcohol, denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.  Strangely, a lot of very expensive brands have one of these listed as the first or second ingredient. Why? No idea, but these kinds of alcohols break down the skin barrier and dry your skin.

Fatty alcohols like cetyl, stearyl or cetereayl are good for dry skin, and are beneficial in small amounts.

SPF Don't buy a day cream without it.

Synthetic colors Anything with FD&C or D&C means artificial colors, which are derived from petroleum or coal tar sources. These are banned by the EU because synthetic colors are suspected to be human carcinogens. Bad.


1. Splash cold water on my face
2. Apply Paula's Choice RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 all over face

3. Apply Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl Eye Cream under and around eyes

2. Alternate nights between:
a. Prescription .05% Tretinoin cream, which you'll need to get from your dermatologist (insurance pays!)
3. Moisturize with Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer
My current skin care products