Fashion Friday: The presentation at work

On Wednesday, I had to give a presentation at work. NBD, it was only 30 minute; and I showed videos, which minimized any potential weirdness that might have otherwise come out of my mouth. So even though I wasn't center stage for the entire time, I still put thought into what I was going to wear. Here are some of the things I think about when picking the"perfect" outfit for the work preso:

1. Be comfortable. Nobody wants to worry about protruding body parts (like the FUPA); it leads to wedgie-picking and sporadic pantyhose adjustments that are just awkward. Dress in something that feels good and doesn't distract you from your important task at-hand.

2. Be neutral. You are the statement-maker; not your outfit. Don't try to win points by looking sexy (or like a hooker): it's not the time or place. This means, leave your M.A.C. Russian Red lipstick at home, and tread light on the eyeliner. Don't even think about fake lashes.

3. Be yourself. Don't shy away from adding your personality to you look. You can do this by accessorizing and choosing colors that evoke your goal mood and tone. It's hard to go wrong by being yourself, but cat sweaters are wrong. Sorry.

4. Mind your audience. I work in a very corporate environment, which is why I chose monochromatic shades for my outfit.  You can absolutely retain your individuality and  look the part: they're not mutually exclusive.

'Katrina' Riding Boot by Franco Sarto black leather ($179.95)
'Aiden' Pendant Necklace by Kendra Scott Gold Gunmetal ($80)
BP. Stone Stud Earrings gold/black ($10)