Six tips for sustainable weight loss

Several years ago, I embarked on a fitness journey that resulted in a 45 pound weight loss and a sustainable lifestyle change. Not only did this journey help me become healthier, but it also helped me understand that approaching things in steps is much easier than trying to do it all at once. It helped me to understand the importance of moderation. Sounds simple, but it wasn't; especially for someone in a romantic relationship with food. [embed][/embed] Looking back, I learned six important lessons that stuck with me and enabled me lose weight again after I had Elliot:

1. Find a gym or workout facility you like.

Yes, my workplace has a gym. But no one wants sweat alongside coworkers and have awkward, naked moments in the locker room. Towels are also very important, and the workplace gym doesn't provide them. So that's the reason this LB (little b*tch) joined the Arena District Athletic Club.  If you aren't a gym person, work out at home--it is possible. After I had Elliot, I did my friend Stephanie's 12 week fitness challenge, which helped me learn how I could work out anywhere, even in my son's nursery.

2. Drop the all-or-nothing mentality.

If you think you're going to go from Mama June to Jillian Michaels overnight, you're setting yourself up to fail. Any change is a PROCESS, and this is the hardest change you will ever make; so why should it be quick and easy? Remember, it took a while to put on the pounds, and it will take the same amount of time - if not longer - to get them off.

3. It ain't pretty.

If you aren't ugly and sweating, you need to work harder

5. Something is always better than nothing.
Your workout doesn't have to be a gladiator-like experience. Just walk for 30 min on the treadmill, to start. And on the days you don't want to work out, remind yourself that doing a little something is better than nothing at all.
6. Discover what motivates you.

For me, it's a good mix. Here's what I'm currently listening to during my workout:

  1. Chandelier, Sia
  2. Shut Up and Dance, Walk the Moon
  3. Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5
  4. Sugar, Robin Schultz
  5. The Sound, The 1975
  6. Closer Than This, St. Lucia
  7. We Got It Wrong, St. Lucia
  8. Back in the World, David Gray
  9. Everywhere, Fleetwood Mac
  10. Timber, Pitbull
  11. Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode
  12. Eyes As Candles, Passion Pit
  13. Things We Lost in the Fire, Bastille
  14. Dreams Today, Efterklang
  15. Black Water, Of Monsters and Men
  16. Time, Hootie & The Blowfish